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My Philosophy

Our relationship with food can be complex, one that is formed as early as childhood and continues to be molded with every life experience. I intend to help my clients create a lasting healthy relationship with food, while working together to achieve their goals. 

I specialize in functional and integrative nutrition, which aims to dig deep and treat the root cause of illness and disease, while encompassing a whole body health approach for long-term change. 

Food can be our medicine. Our body is a living machine- lets give it the right kind of fuel with food that nourishes and heals from within. 





Gut Restoration

Specialized testing to uncover root cause of ailment

Personalized meal plan and recipes

Botanical and supplement regiment to heal digestive tract 



Immune Rejuvenation


Individualized meal plan and recipes to decrease inflammation

Food sensitivity testing

Botanicals to support immune system 


Diet Reset

Targeted practices to help you find food freedom 

Personalized meal plan and recipes


Utilization of CBT methods for long lasting results


What to expect during your first session: 

You will receive a comprehensive intake form prior to your first session, which will allow me to see which areas of your health need the most support. We will go over your background, recent blood work, health concerns, goals, and more. Together, we will not only observe what you eat, but how you eat. You can expect to leave with a personalized meal plan that reflects the steps we will take in order to achieve your goals, as well as related educational materials, and supplement recommendations. 

What to expect during your follow up sessions: 

The second session picks up where the first left off, and looks at how the goals were met. We will highlight behaviors that enabled you to achieve your goals, while working through obstacles that might get in the way. Goals will constantly be modified to fit where you are in life. As with all new habits, practice is required- change is an ongoing process, and begins to unfold during these subsequent sessions. 

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